PokerStrategy Equilator

PokerStrategy (Shareware)

PokerStrategy Equilator is an application that is intended for poker enthusiasts to improve their skills with practice. This utility helps improve a player’s concentration and his or her capability to predict an opponent’s behavior during the game. This is a tool that can be useful for beginners who want to know more about poker and how to play it like a winner.

PokerStrategy Equilator is helpful to poker players who are computer savvy and like to hone their skills using the latest technological innovations. PokerStrategy Equilator has a simple interface such that all the functional elements and operations are presented in the main window. This is a very lightweight application that requires very little storage and memory space.

This simple application provides the user with two methods for calculating the winning chances of a poker player given a set of parameters. These methods are Monte Carlo, which works faster, and Enumerate, which is a much more precise method.

This program gives users a stable and reliable application that can serve as their ally to become one of the best poker players in the world. The Equilator mode allows the player to utilize varying settings so that they can make the best decisions that will lead them to amassing huge winnings in actual poker games.