Zya Studio

Music Mastermind, Inc. (Freeware)

Zya Studio is a cloud-based audio program designed for music creation, sharing, and streaming. It is a multifaceted platform that melds interactive characteristics of music production tools with entertainment and social media. It provides users the ability to create studio quality sound and music using various built-in songs located in its library and to give these a more personal touch through its reimagining or customizing feature. Zya Studio provides access to collaborative effort through its song share option, which enables users to share video-driven music with other online people online, establish a network of followers, and earn special recognitions for their craft by receiving badges and medals from the application's reinforcement feature.

Zya Studio comes in a detail-rich, 3D environment that guides users in the step-by-step procedure of generating music. The software allows voice recordings to be edited or transformed into sound effect clips. It also has the capacity to generate beats from full-length songs and integrate them in audio projects. Additionally, it is equipped with an array of Zya Characters that represents musical genre. Applying these characters to a sound clip will help the library in the classification process. Finally, the program has the facility to incorporate famous hooks taken or recorded from other tracks and place them in original output.