ZVolume 4.0

Roman Medvedev (Freeware)

ZVolume is a simple utility that allows users to control the audio on their computers. It can be a replacement for the standard volume controller that comes with Windows. The application gives the user complete control over the system volume. The program appears as a small toolbar where users can adjust volume settings. It also supports hotkeys so users can use the application with just a few keyboard combinations.

The supports different volume controls including CD player, microphone, line in, phone, bass boost, and others. The program can be configured to run as soon as the system starts. All the user’s settings can also be saved, so that it remains the same when the program is launched the next time. Additionally, the program can be lunched multiple times on the computer to control the volume of various audio sources.

Here are the other features of the ZVolume application:

• Support for different plugins that can be downloaded from different sources
• Users can launch several volume controls all at the same time
• Application can support up to four audio mixers
• Comes with an information bar and a balance bar
• has built in skins that can be changed by the user according to preference