Zecter, Inc. (Shareware)

ZumoDrive is a service offered by Zecter, Inc. that allows users to store their data online. Cloud-storage service has the advantage of not taking up users’ local disk space, and the technology lets them access their files anywhere there is an Internet connection. It also features online file synchronization, which lets users synchronize their data that may be stored in two or more different computers.

Using ZumoDrive, users are able to save their files in the company’s servers, and then open them using their own local computers, their handheld or mobile devices, or PCs in other locations. These files could also be shared with other subscribers.

Multiple users can also access shared files, such as in case of projects that a team is working on, and multiple people editing documents while in remote locations. Moreover, multimedia files such as music or videos, can be streamed from ZumoDrive and enjoyed using their devices.

Furthermore, the files that are saved in the cloud are shown as local files in the computer’s file system, which makes it easy to find and access. It also allows copies to be saved locally so files that are constantly needed can be accessed even in the absence of an Internet connection.

ZumoDrive has been discontinued since June 2012.