ZumoCast 1.4.4

Motorola Mobility, Inc. (Freeware)

ZumoCast is a multimedia application developed by Motorola Mobility. This app provides users with a personal multimedia server using their own computers. Users can view any of their media files such as music, photos, and videos without having to upload them. This application remotely accesses the files and runs in the background, so the users can view the files using a separate web browser.

ZumoCast is designed to be used on mobile devices and can be used to access media files even without synchronizing the device or converting the files. Users can access this application by creating an account at the website and installing the desktop client on the computer that will function as the server. This application can also be installed on a mobile device that the users can access anywhere there is Internet access. The shared content of this application can be accessed by using a Web browser.

ZumoCast’s user interface is intuitive and responsive on many devices. It can stream videos of any file format and does not require file conversion for access on a certain device. Videos can also be streamed using any type of Internet connection. This application supports iTunes and can download media files into a device even if it is offline.