Zuma’s Revenge

WildTangent, Inc (Shareware)

Zuma’s Revenge is a puzzle video game that was released in 2009. It is the sequel to the Zuma video game. In the game, players must clear all the balls that appear on the level. These can be cleared by matching three or more balls of the same color. The player controls the stone frog and shoots different colored balls. All the balls must be cleared before the chain of balls reach the end of the path. Once all the balls are cleared, the player moves on to the next level. In Zuma’s Revenge, there are different islands. Players must defeat the boss on an island in order to move on to the next one. There are six bosses to defeat in the game.

There are two types of levels that are new to the game. In some levels, the stone frog can jump to other lily pads, and other levels position the frog in a vertical or horizontal track instead of placing it at the center.

There are several power ups in the game to help players pass the level. These power ups include bonus time, balls blowing up, and many more. The Adventure game mode consists of 60 levels. After finishing this mode, players can play other game modes including Heroic Frog mode, and Run the Iron Frog Gauntlet.