zTop Analytics

DreamTeam Mobile (Freeware)

zTop Analytics is a software development tool designed by DreamTeam Mobile. The program was released on January 2012. The program enables users to scan and analyze the performance of applications in the marketplace. It is a program that is highly useful for software developers of mobile applications. The program can analyze all kinds of applications including free and paid ones. The program analyzes and displays a selected app’s specific region, category, and cost type. It will show the position of the application, as well as the last application jump in terms of ratings.

zTop Analytics features the capability to compare a selected number of apps or the pinned apps. The program can render an interactive chart displaying the series list according to costs, categories, and regions. The interactive chart enables users to compare the status of these apps. The program is a mobile application, so viewing the charts is better when the phone is in landscape view. The Monitoring Settings dialog box enables users to input the main category, region, and cost type.

zTop Analytics Mobile Information window displays several options: Feedback, zTop for PC, Update Details, and Contacts. The Feedback portion provides a link to visit to give feedback about the program. Update Details provides the last update date and time, as well as the last region of update. The Contacts part provides the developer’s name, Twitter ID, and email address.