ZOTAC FireStorm

ZOTAC Ltd. (Freeware)

ZOTAC Firestorm is a program that enables users to manage the overclock settings of their computer’s graphics card. Overclocking is a process where a computer or one of its components such as a video card or random access memory card is made to operate in a faster clock frequency that is set by its manufacturer. Overclocking can be achieved by using a program that can override the system’s parameters. This process enables the computer or hardware device to perform faster than normal. ZOTAC Firestorm is used mainly to overclock the computer’s graphics card in order for it to perform better when the user is running video games. However, it is important to note that overclocking a particular hardware attachment increases its running temperature and makes it consume more power compared to its normal clockrate.

ZOTAC Firestorm features four slider controls where users can tweak the Engine clock, the Memory clock, and the shader clock. The user simply needs to move the slider up while a display section shows the resulting changes in clockrate denoted in MHz. Users can also set the fan speed of their graphics card using the bottom slider. ZOTAC Firestorm displays the current graphics processing unit temperature in the right side of the window. This program also has features that enable users to automatically load overclock settings at startup, create different overclock profiles for different games, and a built-in fail-safe system in case the program fails to overclock engine, memory, shader, and speed.