Activision Studios (Proprietary)

Zork is a pioneer computer game that takes and interactive format. Developed by the company, Activision Studios, this game was first conceptualized in 1977 and written in the MDL programming language. The name of the program comes from hacker slang among programmers in MIT, which refers to an unfinished program. The developers initially intended to name it “Dungeon”, but ended up with Zork due to trademark violation problems with the creators of the game, “Dungeons and Dragons”. This game gained immense popularity largely because of its unique text storytelling format wherein the player can write commands in complete sentences. The story is set in the ruins of an underground empire in the ancient times.

In Zork, the player takes on the role of a nameless adventurer. The goal of this character is to explore the perilous land and search for adventure and wealth, and emerge successful. Once the character comes out of the underground empire alive and rich, s/he gets the title of “Dungeon Master”. The game begins with the character standing right outside a boarded up white box with a mailbox. The player types commands to navigate the game and perform important actions. Newfound treasures can be deposited for safekeeping, before proceeding to the next adventure.