InMatrix Media Solutions (Freeware)

ZoomPlayer, developed by InMatrix Media Solutions, is a customizable media player designed for Windows. This application has two modes: Media mode and DVD mode. In Media mode, users can play any kind of file that is supported by DirectShow, or any file that can be played by the native Windows Media Player. The DVD mode allows users to play DVD content, and makes use of DirectShow DVD filters that have already been pre-installed with the application. With this feature, this application provides users with the additional functions that are lacking in the basic media player installed in computers running on Windows.

Aside from the classic media player features, this application also comes with a Media Center interface that takes up the whole of the computer screen and makes use of five keys: up, down, left, right, and select. This makes the application simple and easy to use, while enabling users to access the other program interfaces. These interfaces are the File Browser, Color Controls, Media Library, Play History, Audio Equalizer, Playlist Editor, and Bookmarks, among others.

Adding media to ZoomPlayer is done using the drag and drop method. In addition to playing multimedia files, users can also use the application for multi-monitor playback of videos, editing videos, and even making ringtones.