ZoomBrowser EX

Canon (N/A)

ZoomBrowser EX is a program for editing and managing digital photos. Once the digital camera is connected to the computer, the photos can automatically be transferred. All the photos downloaded to the machine can then be viewed on the computer. This includes information about the photos, such as shooting date, camera settings, and other data stored in the camera. The ZoomBrowser EX program also has some file management features. Photos can be organized in different categories. There are also built-in editing tools, such as cropping, adjusting hues and saturation, red eye reduction, and many more. In addition to photo editing features, the software can also be used to create mini-movies. Users can combine videos and still images to create movies. Adding text, background music, and titles is possible, too.

This editing program can be used with PhotoStitch. With this feature, users can stitch several images together in order to come up with a large panoramic photo. Stitching can be done either horizontally or vertically. Cylinder photos can be created, too. This can be done by shooting with the camera in 360 degrees and stitching the images together.

Other features of the program include the following:
Several frames and backgrounds
Create original photo albums
RAW image processing
Remote shooting