Zoom Player Professional 8.6.1

Inmatrix (Shareware)

Zoom Player Professional is a software program that features various multimedia functionalities. Developed by the company Inmatrix, this media player has a straightforward operating process, which involves a just five keys – up, down, left, right, and select. This simple system enables users to navigate the program without difficulty. Whether it is browsing the media library, searching for files and playlists, controlling audio or modifying color, users can use the five keys to easily navigate the program.

Apart from basic features that users often find in a media player like a playlist editor and graphic audio equalizer, Zoom Player Professional also provides users with safety features like password protection, a web remote control, more efficient playlist manager, and support for DRM-protected audio and video files. Another notable feature of this program is its built-in codec inspector, which informs the user of the right codec required to play a particular file. Other features of Zoom Player Professional include:

• Automatic configuration of aspect ratio, blanking, and video size to match the DVD type
• Support of closed captions in all media files
• Positioning and locking of the on-screen display to a specific area of the screen
• Reloading and replaying of media files during the saving process
• Auto-loading of bookmarks through the Smart DVD Bookmarking tool

This program also extracts and plays ZIP and RAR files automatically. It supports a wide array of file formats including AVI, DVD, VCD, MP3, WAV, and JPEG among many others.