Zoo Tycoon

Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Zoo Tycoon is a single-player business simulation game created by Blue Fang Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was initially released on October 17, 2001. The game’s goal is to establish a successful zoo by keeping the animals and guests satisfied. The happiness of the animals and guests enables the player to earn money. The satisfaction of the animals depends on their exhibit, choice of terrain, shelters, foliage, zookeepers, toys and fences while the satisfaction of guests depend on animal happiness, animal choice, scenery and buildings. The player may also employ zookeepers, maintenance workers and tour guides to expand the zoo.

The game features three modes:

• Scenario mode – In this mode, the player must complete a set of objectives. These objectives include attaining exhibit suitability, attaining animal and guest happiness, breeding a specific animal or displaying a specific number of animals. Some objectives must be completed within a certain timeframe.
• Freeform mode – This mode enables the player to select the map and amount of money the player starts with. In this mode, the player is provided with an open lot and restricted choice of scenery, buildings and animals. More items become available as the game progresses.
• Tutorial mode – This mode teaches the player the basics of the game (i.e. keeping guests satisfied and building exhibits).