Zoo Empire

Enlight Software (Shareware)

Zoo Empire is a management and construction simulation program similar to the Zoo Tycoon series. Players of this 3D interactive game is tasked to create and manage a zoo in order to generate profits. This challenging game provides players with all the tools that they need in order to put up a zoo, including building facilities, equipment, and different types of zoo animals. Players can also add visitors to patronize the zoo so that it continues to run. Personnel to run the zoo and look after the animals are also available, and all the players need to do is put everything together so that the virtual zoo can be fully operational.

This game has a platinum edition called “Marine Park Empire” which offers players with marine animals and aquariums to house them. Some of the activities that players of Zoo Empire can engage in while playing are adopting zoo animals, and setting up dining areas and souvenir stalls. This is a zoo management game that offers players with close to real life experience of running a zoo. While playing Zoo Empire players can attain objects that help them surmount the challenges of the game.

This game requires Internet Explorer 7 or higher. It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, and Windows 98.