Zoner Callisto 5

ZONER software (Shareware)

Zoner Callisto 5 is a vector graphics application developed by Czech company Zoner Software and released on November 2004. This program enables users to create web graphics, as well as printed graphics through vector art. Products that may be created using this program include business cards, letterhead papers, brochures, and other design-intensive paper products.

Zoner Callisto 5 features different drawing tools. It features a drawing tool that enables users to draw different shapes including squares, circles, ellipses, rectangles, and other regular polygons. It can also draw stars and other special shapes. This program also enables users to create barcodes. It also allows users to draw tables, as well as layout artistic paragraph texts. This program can also create straight lines, free curves, and Bezier curves. The Curve tool not only enables users to draw free curves, it also enables users to edit curve transitions. This program also provides users line ending options including arrows and connecting lines. Zoner Callisto 5 also features support for drawing process diagrams including flow charts and floor plans. This feature is further enhanced by the capacity to edit alignments, harmonization sizes, transformations, guide lines, and pen styles.

Zoner Callisto 5 features extensive printing options including options for printing calendars and other template-generated documents. It can also print documents with multiple pages, including printing of master pages. Users may even execute large-format printing through the billboard printing option.