Zombie Murder 1

MyPlayCity (Shareware)

Zombie Murder is a zombie adventure game where players must battle with hoards of zombies that are out to eliminate humankind. The player gets to control a massive battle robot that has guns for eliminating the zombies. The game is played with an overhead perspective. Zombies appear on the game screen from different directions and players must eliminate them all. Players must be careful not to get to close to the zombies, as they may not be too strong at first, but they are plenty in number.

Upon launching the Zombie Murder game, players only have a standard weapon for killing the zombies. Users can then upgrade their weapons later on. Upgraded weapons allow players to kill the zombies faster. Some of the weapons available for the player include a rocket, a machine gun, and a flamethrower among others. Players must make it a point to upgrade their weaponry, as the zombies are also able to upgrade their skill set. The game is set in a dark atmosphere that adds to the gameplay experience. Players must complete missions in order to survive the zombie attack and be victorious in the fight to save the entire city from the zombies’ attack.