Zombie in da House 2.4 (Freeware)

Zombie in da House is an interesting representative of the zombie games genre. It is a shooting game that involves shooting at zombies until they are dead. The main weapons used are guns and a variety of makes and models are available to the player.

In Zombie in da House, the main objective of the player is to keep the zombies away from the home fort. Zombies that are approaching to attack need to be neutralized before they gain a foothold. Zombie in da House rewards players with cash when they kill zombies. This money can be used to purchase new and more effective weapons.

The controls used in this game are very straightforward. The mouse is use to aim and for shooting the player must control the left mouse button. The “R” key is for reloading.  If the player wishes to switch weapons, the space bar is the key involved.

Zombie in da House is set in a city that is quickly being dominated by zombies. Survivors are being instructed to leave the area because the government intends to bomb it to smithereens. The player launches the anti-zombie attack from a deserted house which gets surrounded by brain-eating zombies in not time.