Zombie Driver

Exor Studios (Proprietary)

Zombie Driver is a game that deals with vehicular combat and zombie warfare. A government secret project and chemical accident turned most of a city’s inhabitants into destructive zombies. Game challenges include unlocking and upgrading cars, rescuing civilians, and killing zombies.

Each game level has a specific mission and objective for the player.  Missions commonly require players to completely eliminate all zombies in a specific location after which survivors must be salvaged into a main safehouse or stay with the player in a vehicle as more objectives are completed.  There are eight vehicles for players to choose from, all with similar weapons, steering and movement but differing in terms of passenger capacity, acceleration, damage resistance, momentum, top speed, and maneuverability. Zombies can be eliminated by using weapons, hazards, (such as explosives or fires), and running them over. Game weapons include rocket launchers, nitro boosts, or machine guns. Game objectives may be mandatory or optional.  Optional objectives earn more money and points, and leads to added vehicles or weapons. A time constraint is designated for each game level and objectives must be completed before the specified time runs out. Players progress to the next game level when objectives and missions are completed on time. Upgrades may be purchased between game levels and include vehicle upgrades like momentum statistics, speed, and armor. There are 31 game levels to complete in Zombie Driver.