Zombie Bowl-o-Rama 1.0

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Zombie Bowl-o-Rama is a game where the player is tasked to knock zombies down, bowling-style. Players will choose their character to defeat attacking zombies using cunning tricks. This action/arcade game features colorful characters and funny power-ups. The game consists of six game lanes where players have to battle their way until the most difficult level and all of the zombies wiped out.

There are 10 rolling balls to choose from, with a bonus zombie head to knock the zombie pins with and score points. Players will have several tricks to use against the zombies including werewolves, a buzz saw, and mini corpses. These tricks can slow down the zombies’ progress or cut their numbers. In addition, there are four tasty treats that can be used for blocking zombies: ZomBees, Meatball, Brain Balls, and Zombienator.

The main goal of the game is to prevent the zombies from taking over the rest of the town. Zombies will advance once missed the first time, so players have to make sure they get their aim on. The closest spot to the graveyard is the bowling alley, which happens to be the player’s favorite spot. Players have to get rid of enemy walkers out of the lanes and send them back into ground. Players can unlock surprises and new characters.