ZModeler 2.2.6

Zanoza SDT (Freeware)

ZModeler is an application for 3D modeling that may be used by graphics artists and model makers. The main purpose of ZModeler is to help users that work every day with model objects (e.g. vehicles) that are featured in platforms such as computer games. This 3D modeling tool was developed by Oleg Melashenko.  

ZModeler has the capacity for very complex modeling with functions such as beveling or extruding made readily available to the user. Filters are included such that meshes of other formats may be imported. In relation to its applications in making virtual car models, some of the games related to ZModeler are Midtown Madness, Euro Truck Simulator, Need for Speed, 18 Wheels of Steel and Grand Theft Auto.

The following are some of the upgraded features of ZModeler:
• Can export models of different formats
• Can import different types of models
• New rendering engine
• Supports quadrilateral polygons
• Allows for creating and editing new prefabrications

ZModeler’s also has a revamped user interface. It also contains additions plugins and filters. Post-processing of the final image produced using this program may be done using any available graphics software. This utility works well with any graphics tools popularly used by modelers, designers, and graphic artists.