Happy Dude (Open Source)

ZMatrix is a desktop background with animation that shows streaming characters with a style that is similar to that used in “The Matrix” movie. ZMatrix can be used as a desktop screensaver or desktop background. Fans of “The Matrix” as well as other users can get and use this application for free.

The application can be found on the system tray.  Its configurations can be accessed via the right click action. Matrix streams’ refresh rate, speed, and numbers can all be adjusted. The application’s foreground color, font, and background can be modified as well. As a screen saver, each desktop item is hidden by the application since it takes up the desktop’s full screen. The computer’s task bar is still displayed when the application is running. The application’s characters continuously flow and cover the wallpaper and icons. A transparency effect is also found in the application’s wallpaper mode. It allows a wallpaper image to be seen through letters which fall and come from the screen’s top portion. Character flow aspects can be modified in terms of character and background colors. Character fonts can also be customized based on color, face, size, and style. Other customizations include specifying flow speed, and number of characters which appear simultaneously. It can be configured to use a small amount of system resources to prevent reductions in the computer’s speed.