ZipKey 1.0

Eji (Shareware)

ZIPKEY is software used for checking the ZIP code of any area in the United States. It has a database of all the area codes in the US, as well as the names of the cities and time zones in each region of the country. The program has around 41,000 ZIP codes on record. With this program, there is no need to keep an Excel sheet of all the area and ZIP codes in the United States. This zip code-filled spreadsheet will surely occupy a large amount of hard disk space, and may even take too long to simply load. In contrast, every data in this zip code software is hand-coded and custom-compressed, allowing the entire application take up only a few hundred kilobytes.

ZIPKEY can be used to determine ZIP codes just by simply supplying the county, state, or area. When the program is installed on the computer, the program can be interconnected with other programs. This can be done by supplying a hotkey, or a keyboard control that will automatically run the application. Different hotkeys can be supplied for different formats. When looking for ZIP codes, the user does not need to type the whole city's name. When the user has typed two or three letters, the software automatically suggests names of areas that start with those letters.