ZipItFree 2.3

MicroSmarts LLC. (Freeware)

ZipItFree is an application used for compressing multiple files into zip files. There are situations when multiple files are too big to be sent as attachment to emails. There are also situations when one file is too big that it takes up too much space on the computer's hard drive. With this program, the user can compress the files and turn put these in a zip format folder. When the files are compressed, the collective file size will generally become smaller. This program can even compress the files up to forty percent. When extracted, the files retain their original sizes without any quality loss.

To use the program, the user simply needs to add the files to the interface. This can be done through the "Add" button, situated at the upper portion of the window. After some properties are configured, the user can proceed with the compression process. After that, the created compressed file can be saved on the specified output folder. Alternatively, compressed files can also be uncompressed on the main pane. This can be done by clicking the "Extract" button, which is also at the upper portion of the interface.

ZipItFree supports fifteen compression format types. Depending on the user's preferences, a zipped file can be protected with a password.