ZipGenius 6

WinInizio Software (Freeware)

ZipGenius 6 is a file archiver program developed by WinInizio Software. It was initially released in November 1997 as Mr. Zip 98. The program was renamed to ZipGenius in 1998. It is available in two editions – Standard and Suite. The Standard edition provides the basic program layout while the Suite edition offers a complete package with additional add-ons and themes such as FTPGenius, Cutter and ZGAlbum. FTP Genius is an FTP client while the Cutter is a file-splitter application. The ZGAlbum is used for creating slideshows.

ZipGenius offers many Archives Handling actions. It can create new archives, extract files from or add files to an existing archive, repair ZIP archives, convert archives into .exe format, optimize documents in one folder and make slideshow (via ZGAlbum). The program also offers several modes when viewing file icons and 2 ways when browsing files. There are even different levels of compression (1 for storage and 4 for compression).

Aside from Archives Handling, the program also offers Internet and Mobility features wherein users can send emails via email and publish archives online. The program can also be interoperated with PocketPC devices. ZipGenius also offers Safety and Privacy features. It uses four encryption algorithms and offers a Password Manager utility called CZIP 2 Password Manager. Besides this, the application also features customizable interface and wizard-like pre-configuration tool.