Zip Password Tool

FDRLab Data Recovery Centre (Proprietary)

Zip Password Tool performs the important and often necessary task of recovering passwords for ZIP files that have been forgotten by their users. This utility offers 100% accuracy in password recovery so that there is no need to manually try out possible passwords—a task that always proves to be time-consuming and frustrating. The program can recover letters-only passwords with the length of four characters in only a few seconds. For longer and more complicated passwords with letter

Zip Password Tool is developed by FDRLab Data Recovery Centre specifically to deal with password recovery issues for ZIP archives. This program is also designed to use dictionary files in trying to recover passwords aside from “brute force”. Users of this tool are presented with a progress bar so that they are kept abreast of the development. The program gives the user and estimate with regard to how long password recovery can be completed.

Zip Password Tool is an effective and compact tool that gives users a friendly and easy to use interface that allows the program to perform its functions reliably. It offers a neat interface that simplifies the operations further for the user. The full version is equipped to crack any lost password that it is assigned to solve.