Zip Password Recovery Master 6.2

Rixler Software (Shareware)

Zip Password Recovery Master is an application that enables users to retrieve passwords for zip archive files. When recovering passwords, the program can be stopped and resumed at the point where it was paused. This allows the user to stop the process anytime without having to start from the beginning the next time the program is launched. The program makes use of six different methods for recovering passwords. They are:

• Multi-computer brute-force attack
• Template attack
• False-type attack
• Plain-text attack
• Brute-force attack
• Guaranteed attack

In addition to these methods, the Zip Password Recover Master also offers an automatic mode wherein the software automatically chooses the best option to use for recovering the password. This can be one method or different methods. The program’s interface is simple and intuitive. There are five buttons on the upper portion of the window. These are open zip/exe, stop, load charset, go, and open project. There are also six tabs for changing the settings of the program – system options, statistics, charset options, password options, wordlist options, and console. Zip Password Recovery Master works in the background to allow users to do other computer activities while it searches for the password.