Zint Barcode Studio

Robin Stuart & BogDan Vatra (Freeware)

Zint Barcode Studio is a freeware that produces 2D barcodes on top of standard barcodes. To avoid charges of copyright infringement, Zint Barcode Studio provides users an extensive library of barcodes that supports a wide range of symbologies and formats. Users are spared the task of inventing barcodes from a random sequence of numbers, since it is equipped with tools that create a valid barcode image from the available data provided.

This application is a complete source because it generates postal barcodes, QR codes, and UPC codes that even professionals find adequate for their use. This flexible solution may be implemented in multiple computer platforms. The tool provides users a number of options such as in saving the outputs of the program may be saved in Encapsulated Post Script, Scalable Vector Graphic, or Portable Network Graphic format.

The user can set the image color and size and the orientation as well for images in PNG format. One of the main features is the library which contains 50 types of barcodes. This application is designed to assist the user in inputting data in a barcode quickly and efficiently. This may sound complicated, but the program has made the process ten time easier for users. Zint Barcode Studio is a reliable open source barcode generator. Zint Barcode Studio follows international barcode standards.