Zinio Reader 4 4

Zinio (Freeware)

Zinio Reader 4 is a program that enables users to manage and view digital publications such as e-books and digital magazines. Zinio Reader 4 was developed by Zinio, an online publication distribution platform that publishes and sells e-books and e-magazines through its online portal. Zinio Reader 4 contains features that allow users to catalog, read, and share their e-books and e-magazines. This program is powered by Adobe AIR, a runtime environment used in delivering multimedia files with features that allow user interactivity. Zinio Reader 4 contains text-viewing tools such as page and chapter browser, table of contents, scroll function, zoom, and thumbnail view. Users can view their e-books and e-magazines as a scroll or like an actual book. This program also allows users to bookmark a page and clip a page or page section for printing. Zinio Reader 4 also has features that allow users to post their publications online and share it to their friends. Users may choose to download the content and read it anytime or to read it online. In addition to these, Zinio Reader 4 allows users to organize their e-books and e-magazines into customizable libraries.

Zinio Reader 4 features a simple user interface that contains three main parts. The first part is the main control bar that contains buttons that execute actions in the program. This section has buttons that change the view mode, print pages or whole magazines, share publications to other users, and find publication titles. The next part is the display area where users can read the contents of their e-books and e-magazines. The third part contains the zoom and skip button that allows users to zoom in and out of a page and browse through pages.