Zillya Antivirus 1.1

ALLIT Service, LLC. (Freeware)

Zillya Antivirus is a program for removing viruses and other threats that might be present in the computer. The program has a simple interface that can be used by both beginners and advanced computer users. Beginners can control the program and have access to the main features, while advanced users have more options for configurations. The program provides three types of scan methods. They are:

• Quick Scan – scans only the critical parts of the computer for malware
• Full Scan – scans the entire system, including removable devices, for malware
• Custom Scan – scans only the locations in the system specified by the user

The program’s main window displays a summary of the system’s current state. It shows the number of cured, deleted, and quarantined items, too. The interface shows four main buttons – Scan, Threats, Tools, and Settings. Under the threats button, users can view a list of all the threats that are found in the system. Other information is also displayed, such as the level of threat, the location, and the action. Zillya Antivirus also comes with a scheduler. Users can configure the autoscan settings and set the scan type, how often to scan the system, and the scan time. The program can be launched during system startup, too.