ZikiTranslator 1.3.6a

Zikitrake Soft (Freeware)

ZikiTranslator is a simple translation program that enables users to translate text to different languages. It supports different languages, such as Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, English, and German. Users can copy text from different sources, such as documents and websites. Users can also translate text by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F11 on the keyboard after highlighting text. The translated version will appear on the upper left portion of the program’s window. The computer must be connected to the Internet in order for the application to work.

The application’s interface is intuitive, with a simple and straightforward layout consisting of two text areas. The upper area is where users can paste the source text and the lower text area will display the translated text. There are flags on top of both windows. These flags represent the language of the text. Users can also choose from one of the options under the Translation Direction menu. Other features of the program are listed below:

• Application supports copy and pasting of up to 40,000 characters
• Simple and easy to use even for novice computer users
• Users can set hotkeys for the in-program translation feature
• Results of the translation can be sent to the user’s email
• Support for proxy usage with information provided by the user