Sierra (Proprietary)

Zeus, also called Zeus: Master of Olympus is a city building and development game set in Ancient Greece. It features detailed walkers, “elite” and “common” housing divisions, and brand-new housing blocks. The game objective is for the player to construct a city on a plot of land (of variable size) that is empty and with variable or scant resources.

The player represent the city’s governor who must throughout the game establish the city’s colony, control production and industry, build constructions for entertainment and religious worship, and provide sustaining supplies and food for the people. Direct goals include production rate, treasury size, and overcoming monsters and other Gods who are subduing cities and slaying citizens. Heroes, like Hercules, may be called for to fight against monsters or be sent to Quests. Quests may involve a god requesting for retrieval of a mythical item such as a Golden Fleece or Winged Sandals of Hermes.
The game has a 3D landscape and the cities are populated by different kinds of people who are constantly moving around. If the colony has already been established other missions must be undertaken such as conquering another city, building a specific god a sanctuary, or fighting off a monster.