Zero Hour Reborn: The Last Stand

Nuker (Freeware)

Zero Hour Reborn: The Last Stand is a mod for Command and Conqueror: Generals - Zero Hour which is a real-time strategy game where the player can take on 3 factions in a war. The three factions are the United States, China, and the Global Liberation Army. In this game, players construct a base, build units, gather resources and defeat the opposing faction. The player can choose any of the three factions, with each of them having its own unique advantages, disadvantages, and abilities. To finish the game (which can be played in a single campaign or against a multiplayer team,) most of the time, the team has to completely eliminate the opposing team's units and base.

Zero Hour Reborn features three new generals in the game - General Ironside from the United States, General Chen from China, and General Mohmar Death Strike from the Global Liberation army. There are 15 new units available as well as eight buildings that a team can build. There are nine new upgrades and an introduction of ten new general powers. Additionally, the player can also choose to play on 14 exclusive maps built for this mod. Computer-controlled opponents can be battled on these 14 new maps.