Zero Assumption Recovery 9.2

Zero Assumption Software (Shareware)

Zero Assumption Recovery or ZAR is a data recovery application developed by ZAR data recovery. It provides all the necessary tools and functions to recover files. Aside from recovering files, it also has digital camera image recovery functionality. The program offers three main recovery features – (1) image recovery, (2) data recovery for Windows and Linux and (3) RAID schemes recovery.

The program’s Image Recovery functionality is used for recovering lost multimedia files including photos, music and videos. It can recover from different storage media such as USB thumb drives, memory cards and external hard drives. The Data Recovery for Windows and Linux functionality allows users to recover data from NTFS and FAT system files for Windows and XFS Linux systems. The program can recover data from disk image files, hard drives, healthy RAID and different partitions. It will scan the computer for files that can be recovered then provide a list of recoverable files. The program also offers RAID Schemes Recovery function. This functionality allows the reconstruction of broken RAIS schemes, which includes RAID 5, RAID 1+0 and RAID 0 arrays.

Users can choose what type of recovery to perform. After each recovery procedure, the program offers an option to copy the recovered files. For experienced users, the program offers Advanced Configuration. This configuration enables users to customize how the application works.