Zepsoft Wallpaper Calendar

Zepsoft (Shareware)

Zepsoft Wallpaper Calendar is a desktop application that changes the wallpaper to a calendar. The computer’s wallpaper can be changed from the Windows display preferences. When the calendar is displayed, users can easily view all their upcoming appointments, important dates, and schedule.

The application’s interface can be changed under the options window. This is also where entries can be added to the calendar. Some of the items that can be added are images, notes, reminders, and overlay images. Additionally, the calendar interface can be changed. There are four tabs dedicated to customization. These are – View, Date Cells, Shadow, and Fonts. Users can choose to select a plain colored background for the calendar or an image.

Some of the features of the Zepsoft Wallpaper Calendar are:

• Simple and easy to use even for beginners
• Wide variety of options for the layout
• Support for rotation of wallpapers every few hours
• Wallpaper options (original, stretch, tile, and fit to screen)
• Calendar wallpaper can be printed out

Zepsoft Wallpaper Calendar is capable of backing up all the contents of the calendar. This can be useful when users want to transfer all important dates and events to another calendar or in the event that the system crashes.