Zeon DocuCom PDF Plus

Zeon International Investment Corp. (Shareware)

Zeon DocuCom PDF Plus is an application that enables users to edit PDF files. Users can add annotations and mark-ups to PDF documents easily. With this tool, users can browse, search, print, send, and add security options to PDF documents. Users can also obtain a document’s properties and edit hyperlinks or bookmarks embedded in a PDF. Pages can be organized and forms can be created from multiple files.

Users can set this program as their default PDF viewer so that when they double-click on a PDF file from a folder, the document will be displayed directly in Zeon DocuCom PDF Plus. It can also work with PDF files accessed online. Users can also drag and drop files onto the program’s main window to open these.

The application’s user interface is intuitive and simple. It contains a menu bar, a tool bar, a document view area with multiple viewing options, and an organizer window. The major features of the program can be found in the menu bar, arranged into different groups of pull-down commands. The tools needed for editing PDF documents are located in the tool bar. It provides options for highlighting and cropping. Users can group tools into different command bars that may be dragged to another part of the interface, according to the users’ preferred working layout.