ZenWriter 2.0

Beenokle (Shareware)

ZenWriter is a simple word processing application developed by the company Beenokle. Through this program, users can organize and jot down their thoughts and ideas and enjoy a calming atmosphere created by customizable background music and themes. Users can also add keystroke sounds to enhance the typing experience. A couple of the sound effects featured in this software mimic a water drop and typewriter’s sound. Every note created in ZenWriter is automatically saved, which allows the user to go back to it easily in the future. Users can also work with more than one document and go back and forth between topics or sections. A word counter can be found at the bottom of the screen to indicate the number of words already typed. The program also comes with a built-in spellchecker.

Users can choose among five font faces In ZenWriter. Not only can users choose a background from the program’s selection, but they can also upload their own images. There also are “day” and “night” themes, which feature light and dark backgrounds, respectively. When the user is idle and not moving the mouse, the menu disappears. There is an option to display or hide the time, word count, and number of pages. The music tracks can be played on loop, or changed for a different track at any time while using ZenWriter.