Novell, Inc. (Proprietary)

ZENWorks is a unified Internet-based system used for managing server life cycles of desktop computers, laptops, and mobile handheld devices. It supports multiple server platforms and directory services. The system is composed of five key products: ZENworks Configuration Management, Asset Management, Endpoint Security Management, Patch Management, and Full Disk Encryption.

ZENworks Configuration Management is used to automate business processes and IT management in different environments. It has comprehensive tools that can be used to increase user productivity, manage asset lifecycles, and deploy systems using virtual appliances. ZENworks Asset Management is used to automate hardware and software asset recognition, create employment and compliance reports, and streamline asset inventory. ZENworks Endpoint Security Management is used for securing business data from mobile devices to other storage devices. It can provide driver-level firewall protection from malware and hackers. It can protect USB storage devices from bugs and perform data encryption policies when needed. ZENworks Patch Management is used for retrieving and deploying patches to counter virus attacks in a network. It can provide an easy way to identify patch compliance and vulnerabilities that can be automatically updated. It includes ZENworks Control Center, a Web-based console used for centralizing device management. ZENworks Full Disk Encryption is used for managing encrypted desktops and laptops. It can automatically provide data protection and access encrypted machines remotely.