Crystal Rich Ltd (Shareware)

Zentimo is a device manager for USB drives. The application shows information on the attached drives including device icons, size of the device, the space used, and the empty space available. One of the features of the program is its ability to show the processes that prevent a USB drive from being ejected from the computer. Users can then close these programs or stop the processes to safely remove the drive. Zentimo is also capable of forcing programs to stop.

In some instances, USB drives do not support the safe removal feature on Windows. Zentimo is able to automatically detect which these devices are, and provides the user a disable option when using the device. With the software, memory cards can be ejected instead of ejecting the card reader. Another feature is returning ejected devices back in the system with a click. USB drives which are not physically disconnected but ejected from the system can be returned by clicking on the arrow in the program’s window.

Other features of Zentimo are the following:
• Autorun on device insertion/stopping
• Command line (usr.exe) to safe removal
• Support for USB, SATA, and Firewire devices
• Mount storage devices as NTFS folder
• Management of portable applications