Zenmap is the certified GUI for the Nmap Security Scanner. It provides basic and advanced features for both beginners and advanced Nmap users. It is used for security auditing or network exploration. The main purpose of the program is to add functionality to Nmap while maintaining all its available features.

The program features a graphical and interactive window for viewing scan results. Aside from Nmap’s normal output, Zenmap also displays an arranged view of all the host’s ports as well as the entire hosts running on a certain service. A topology map for all the discovered networks is provided as well. The program offers an option to view the scans in a single window or view them one at a time. It is also capable of doing comparisons between two scans, which allows the administrators to track new services or hosts.

Zenmap stores all the scan results conducted on Nmap. This provides an option to either save the scan result or discard it. There is also the command profiles feature that can be used to conduct multiple scans on the same scan. The application displays all the command that will be launched. This makes it easy for beginners to understand the Nmap while giving experienced users the ability to double-check the tasks being run before hitting “Scan”.