Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana Ltd. (Shareware)

Zemana AntiLogger is a security application geared towards protecting systems and the privacy of users from keyloggers. A keylogger is an application that monitors the user’s strokes on a keyboard. When a keylogger is present, the user’s private data (passwords, credit card numbers, usernames, addresses, etc.) can be acquired by a third party. Zemana AntiLogger has a feature called IntelliGuard. IntelliGuard is a warning system that monitors and detects the system for unwanted applications. Upon detecting a keylogger, the application shuts its process down immediately to prevent important data from being stolen.

Another feature of the application is the Anti-Screen Logger Module. The module prevents threats from taking screenshots of the computer’s desktop to prevent monitoring of computer activities. In addition, Zemana AntiLogger also provides protection for webcam and microphone hijacking. It monitors all processes that are running in the system and will alert the user if threats before it even launches on the system.

Other features of the Zemana AntiLogger program include the following:
• System intrusion protection
• Clipboard remote access protection
• Cloud powered early response system
• Efficient against 0-hour threats
• Stops malware immune to security products

The application runs quietly in the background and does not clog up the system resources.