Zello Inc (Freeware)

Zello is a communications application that allows users to talk to each other as if they were using a walkie-talkie. The program is compatible with Android, iPhone, BlackBerry mobile devices. It can also be installed on a computer. The application is easy to use, as a button just has to be pushed in order to start talking to a contact. It can be used over different networks, such as 3G and Wi-Fi, and also on EDGE and GPRS. It allows users to talk to a single contact or create a conference that supports talking that is up to a hundred people from different parts of the world all at the same time.

Users must first register for a Zello account to start using the program. In addition to talking to contacts, users can also join a channel and converse with other Zello users who have the same interests. New channels can also be created. The program has a Voice History feature, which allows users to go back to previous conversations with any contact and replay them.

Zello is a lightweight application that does not take up a lot of system resources, which is ideal for mobile devices. It also comes in several languages.