ZebraDesigner Pro ZebraDesigner Pro

Zebra Technologies Corporation (Proprietary)

In July 2011, Zebra Technologies Corporation developed ZebraDesigner Pro and released it in the market.  ZebraDesigner Pro is a barcode label designer program, which allows users to make complex barcode labels based on variable or fixed data. Using the program, users can enhance the capabilities of their barcode printers and maximize its functions.

ZebraDesigner Pro features a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get or WYSIWYG label designer and RFID capabilities. The program also offers printer diagnostic and printer configuration tools. ZebraDesigner Pro features a Windows-based user interface with quick access functions on the top toolbar and ZebraDesigner tools on the left panel. The main part of the user interface shows the drawing board or canvas. The quick access functions include the icons for New, Open, Save, Cut, Copy, Paste, Print, Zoom, View, and Database. The Tool box on the left shows the icons for Select, Text, Bar Code, Picture, Rectangle, Line, Ellipsis, and Inverse. The canvas also shows rulers on the top and on the right side of the canvas.

ZebraDesigner Pro allows users to customize the label designs. Objects may be added on the canvas including boxes, text, and symbols. These objects may be edited further as to size and other specifications. This is done by clicking the object to show the handlebars on the corners. To change the size or scale, just click and hold a handle bar, and drag it to a desired size. To change the position of objects in the canvas, click inside the object and drag to the desired position.