Zebra Screen Recorder 1.3

Zebra-Media (Shareware)

Zebra Screen Recorder is a software application that enables users to record desktop activity and save them into AVI and MPEG video files. It has the ability to capture any viewable elements on the user’s desktop – windows, cursors, menus, video sound, and others. Once the program starts running, a screen ruler appears to aid the user in plotting the area to be captured. Video calls and webcam chat logs can also be recorded using this application – all the user needs is click the record button. Moreover, this application allows users to record a wide variety of video-based materials such as instructional videos, online lectures, web conferences, screen demos, and video chats. Users who wish to create presentations like webinars that feature screen activity can also use the Zebra Screen Recorder as it not only records visual activity, but audio as well.

When using this program, users have the option to choose between high-quality video files and compact media files. It supports any type of video codec present in the computer system for real-time video compression. The portability of this program lets users save it in an external storage device, which can be installed and run in any computer. Users can select from U3 and PAF Smart drive editions of this application.