Zeal 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Zeal is a hidden object game designed as a lifestyle magazine layout. Players assume the role of Amy, who has just been hired as the magazine’s Junior Content Editor. As such, she is tasked to check the pages of the magazine for any errors, including objects that do not belong to a page, such as a screwdriver in a glamour spread.

The objects are listed at the bottom of the page and players must find these objects and click them to encircle them with a red marker. When the objects are found they are crossed off the list. There are also logic and puzzle mini-games that can be played for additional points and to advance the player’s career in the publishing world. Players will be assisted by Diego, another member of the magazine’s staff. The mini-games include changing an object’s color by mixing it with another object, or finding the differences between pages.

Players having difficulty locating an object can use the hint button. Hints are refillable and unlimited, and there is no time limit to finishing a level so players can relax during the game. If players make too many wrong clicks, the cursor will disappear for a few seconds. There are more than 25 levels in the game. If players fail in a puzzle, they have to replay the level.