Pixologic, Inc. (Proprietary)

ZBrush is a 3D computer graphics application for modeling and texturing. The program is mainly used for creating models for games, movies, and animations. ZBrush has a professional looking interface that offers the most advanced tools that digital artists can use. The application has a variety of 3D brushes that have different attributes. In addition, users can also download additional brushes to use in the program from the Internet. One of the unique features of the program is ZSpheres, which enable artists to make a base mesh and then convert it to a model that can be sculpted. Another feature is the Best Preview Render. This tool has LightCaps, a light manipulation system that artists can use to control how the light falls on the subject.

Other features of the ZBrush application are the following:
• Transpose – isolates a portion of the model and pose it
• DynaMesh – generates a model with uniform distribution of polygons for easier manipulation
• Fibermesh – grows polygon fibers from the model
• Illustration – offers several brushes for 2.5D modeling
• Polypaint – tool for painting an object’s surface without a texture map

ZBrush makes use of powerful application processing. This allows users to use millions of polygons in models even without high-end graphic cards.