Zaxar Game Browser

Zaxar Ltd. (Freeware)

Zaxar Game Browser is an application that enables users to access and download free online games from the Zaxar website. It offers and delivers a new flash game that is ready to play for free every day. It also provides users with access to online multiplayer games.

The games that players have already played are loaded in the same and will always be available. The games may be accessed from the list of games that may be found at the first tab on the application’s interface, and may be played even without an Internet connection. Downloading is secure and is free from online scams and viruses, as the browser has the ability to scan the games prior to including them in the browser. Users can add games by dragging and dropping them to the browser. Games may also be removed through deletion.

Another tab in the program interface is where the selected game will load. Users can choose to play in the tab or expand to full screen mode. When no game has been selected, it will contain the last game played. Users can play with the browser’s games as long as they want. The program lets users contact the developers via email, which is accessed through the third tab on the interface.