ZaraRadio 1.6.2

ZaraSoft (Freeware)

ZaraRadio is a radio automation software created by Kero Systems and released in July 2008. It allows users to manage their own radio program by providing a set of radio broadcasting functions that users can utilize. ZaraRadio allows users to create playlists as well as queue lists. This program can also set the time and broadcast automated weather announcements. Users can also specify whether to insert jingles or talk times during broadcasts. This program also allows users to perform voice tracking and overlapping. User can also set to enable tags or modify face configurations. This program also supports a variety of music media file formats including WAV, MP3, MP2 and OGG. FLAC support is only available on the paid version.

ZaraRadio features events management functions. This allows users to specify events and set their start time and date, as well as expiration time and date. It can also set the event to Immediate mode, Delayed mode or Overlapped mode. ZaraRadio also lets users create broadcasting reports. It also features 2 auxiliary players. During radio broadcasts, ZaraRadio features crossfading between audio files allowing for overlap and fading effects. This program also allows users to set an overlap cue point. ZaraRadio also allows users to create a 10-page 9-button jingle palette. This program also features pre-listening to audio broadcasts as well as random track playing. It also features five playback modes.