The Zfone Project (Freeware)

Z-Phone is a VoIP application that allows its users to make encrypted phone calls over the Internet. Normally, phone calls made over the Internet can be intercepted using different types of software or standard hacking commands but with the Z-Phone application, security measures and protocols are heightened ensuring that no interception will be possible. It was created by the Zfone Project and is available for free.

PGP is a world-renowned piece of software that focuses on encryption and it was created by a man named Phil Zimmerman who is also the founder and creator of the Zfone Project. For the Z-Phone, a new security protocol was created and it is referred to as ZRTP. Instead of relying on signaling protocols, the application relies more on peer-to-peer transfers through varying media streams. This, together with the application’s non-reliance on servers, is what can be attributed to the increased security support.

The Z-Phone application is highly compatible with different systems and devices. If it is not the primary VoIP program utilized, it can serve as an upgrade to ensure highly encrypted and highly secure calls over a particular line. It comes complete with auto-detection software that will inform users on whether or not lines are stable or connections have been established.