yWriter5 v5.2.0.5

Spacejock Software (Freeware)

yWriter5 is a free word processor targeted towards users who aim to write a novel. This program assists the writer in dividing novel writing into manageable chapters and scenes. By working with scenes and chapters instead of one big word processor file, the writer can move one’s scene from one chapter to another with relative ease.

yWriter5 enables the user to write a novel by writing individual scenes and interconnecting them into workable chapters, and finally, chapters into a final novel. This program lets the writer keep track of the novel plot. It can even generate chapter summaries which can list down all the scenes on a particular chapter. This program also features a “readiness” setting which when ticked enables the user to keep track of the writing schedule.

yWriter5 graphical user interface features a simple Windows-based interface. The menu bar features the following menu options—File, Print, Search, Chapter, Scene, Characters, Locations, Items, Tools, and Localities. The left panel shows a tree view of all chapters. The top window shows two tabs—Scenes and Project Notes. When a particular scene is selected, the bottom window shows tabs for that scene’s contents. This includes Description, Content, Characters, Locations, Items, and Scene Notes. Users may input their content on this window.