ytclock 1.0.3

Y. Tsutano (Freeware)

YTClock is an analog clock. The clock is displayed semi-transparent and the user can click through it to access icons or windows under it. The user can display the clock on the desktop or minimize it to the system tray.  

YTClock can be customized by the user. The user can select pre-programmed themes for the clock like the default, digital, crystal, blue, metal, glass and pastel themes. The default theme displays an analog clock. The program allows the user to further customize the clock. The user can set the width and height with the option of keeping the aspect ratio. Other features of the clock can be customized like the face of the clock and hands. The hour, minute, and second hand can be selected for customization. Users can include images to the clock face. Users can select the level of transparency of the clock. Transparency settings can range from solid form to near invisible.

The user can display the clock anywhere on the desktop. To move the clock around the desktop, the user must hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and hold mouse left click and drag the clock to any position. The user may minimize the analog clock to display in the system tray. In the system tray, the clock will display a mini analog clock, a digital time and the date.